February 23, 2016

World Track Championships 2016 London

Race Guides

Below is the list of all the events taking place during the World Track Cycling Championships 2016.

  •          Sprint
  •          Keirin
  •          Scratch Race
  •          Points Race
  •          Madison
  •          Individual Pursuit
  •          Team Sprint
  •          Team Pursuit
  •          Omnium
  •          Time Trials



Contested over 3 laps, track sprinting isn't only a war of electricity and velocity however also of wit, intelligence and tactical nous. Within the early part of the contest you could expect to look riders slowly circle the tune in a sport of ‘cat and mouse’, each trying to out-role their rival with a view to launch a marvel dash for the line. The race frequently comes all the way down to the last 50m but you could see a few riders deciding on to move early – it regarded to work for Sir Chris Hoy!

The opposition starts offevolved with a qualifying round which include a 200m flying begin time trial to organise the seeding. From then on, riders will cross face to face with the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals being decided over the high-quality of three rides – it is able to get pretty disturbing!

World champions (2015)
Men: Gregory Bauge (France) Women: Kristina Vogel (Germany)

Olympic champions (2012)
Men: Jason Kenny (Great Britain) Women: Anna Meares (Australia)


frequently referred to as ‘the one with the motorcycle’, the keirin is one of the most recognisable song activities. For the hole laps the riders need to stay behind the bike (really known as the ‘derny’) which paces the riders with increasing pace. Positioning in the back of the derny is paramount and riders will attempt to jostle every other out of role to get an advantage over their rivals. With 2.5 laps to move the derny exits the track and the race is on.

Keirin racing originated in Japan where it have become popular as one of the few sports activities on which it become legal to gamble. The name literally translates as ‘fight’ and when you watch you’ll understand why!

The keirin is contested in rounds with heats and a first-rate (medals) and minor (placings) final. Riders who narrowly pass over out on qualifying within the first spherical have a hazard to live in the opposition via the repechage.

World champions (2015)Men: Francois Percis (France) Women: Anna Meares (Australia)

Olympic champions (2012)
Men: Sir Chris Hoy (Great Britain) Women: Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)

Scratch Race

At the face of it, the scratch sounds simple – riders race at the track for 15km (10km for ladies) and the first across the line wins. This will sound sincere however between the massed start and very last sprint for the road lie 60 laps in which strategy and approaches will play a massive element within the final results of the race. Inside the bunch can be riders whose strengths lie in staying power and riders whose strengths lie in sprinting. The staying power experts will intention to ‘lap’ the field with a view to save you the powerful sprinters from saving themselves for the give up of the race where they may certainly outpace them at the finish. The sprinters will try and shop their power until the very stop of the race by means of sheltering inside the bunch till a sprint finish but they ought to be cautious no longer to let absolutely everyone take a lap or a sprint for the road might be futile.

The combination of talents on show and methods employed make the scratch one of the maximum exciting races to watch. Expect to see plenty of movement as riders make assaults and either gain a lap or are chased down via the p.C.. It’s now not enough simply to lap the field even though – you want to ensure you’ve stored sufficient energy for the finish too!

World champions (2015)Men: Lucas Liss (Germany) Women: Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)

Points Race

Aptly named, the aim of the factors race is to score as many factors as possible with the prevailing rider the one who has collected the maximum during the race. Factors are scored all through intermediate sprints which occur each ten laps. The first rider to pass the line on the end of a dash lap is awarded 5 factors with 4, three and 1 points being awarded to the subsequent 3 to go the road. The massive prize comes for gaining a lap on the sphere, that is really worth 20 points – the equivalent of winning four sprints. In addition, dropping a lap will value you 20 factors!

At the world championships the points races will be contested over 40km (one hundred sixty laps, 16 sprints) for the guys and 25km (100 laps, 10 sprints) for the ladies. Anticipate to look approaches playing a massive element in these races with alliances being formed and assaults being made. Riders want to race intelligently, as well as having stamina and sprinting strength, to make sure they bag as many factors as feasible.

World champions (2015)
Men: Artur Ershov (Russia) Women: Stephanie Pohl (Germany)


At 50km (200 laps) long and contested among pairs of riders, the Madison may be interesting and confusing in identical measures. It’s exactly the identical in precept as a factors race however is raced with pairs of riders who can tag (with a hand sling) each different inside and outside of the race. The resting rider within the pair will circle the pinnacle of the banking but it’s the in-race riders, who’ll be towards the lowest of the tune, you must maintain your eyes on.

The best Madison teams will have one rider with terrific endurance, who’s capable of an extended push to take a lap and the opposite a sprinter, who’ll mop up the dash factors or make sudden explosive attempt to make a destroy.

The procedures and the interaction between the riders are captivating and, like in the factors race, watch the scoreboard and listen to the remark. Attention on the jerseys of the important thing groups and also you’ll be able to comply with what’s going on.

World champions (2015)Men: Bryan Coquard & Morgan Kneisky (France)

Individual Pursuit

The last head-to-head endurance occasion, the character pursuit is the definitive test of staying power. While an explosive start is helpful, the ability to journey at a continuously excessive velocity is crucial – some riders may also look like properly up on their opponents, most effective to vanish within the final kilometre.

The guys’s occasion is contested over 4km even as the girls pursue each other over 3km. The qualifying rounds will see every rider submit a time with the fastest 4 progressing to the medal finals. In the finals the first rider to finish the distance wins, until one rider catches the other, at which point the race is received and it’s sport over.

World champions (2015)
Men: Stefan Kueng (Switzerland) Women: Rebecca Wiasak (Australia)

Team Sprint

If it’s uncooked pace that’s your factor then the crew dash is the race for you. Teams of three men or  ladies race at exhilarating speeds over three or  laps of the tune respectively. Every rider completes one lap on the the front, sheltering their teammates and permitting them to conserve electricity for his or her turn. Most effective one rider from the team will complete the race so each rider can maintain nothing lower back on their flip.

Even as sheer pace is vital, technique is likewise key on this occasion as riders should get off the line speedy from a status start, get hastily right into a tight and efficient formation and race as close together as viable to maximize slipstreaming.

Two groups will race at the equal time on the music from opposing sides. All teams will put up a time within the qualifying round and from this the medal finals may be decided with the quickest two teams going though to contest gold/silver and the 0.33 and fourth quickest going via to race for bronze.

World champions (2015)Men: France (Gregory Bauge, Michael d’Almeida & Kevin Sireau) Women: China (Jinjie Gong & Tianshi Zhong)

Olympic champions (2012)
Men: Great Britain (Philip Hindes, Sir Chris Hoy & Jason Kenny) Women: Germany (Kristina Vogel & Miriam Welte)

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